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Living paycheck to paycheck with no savings and mounting debt is a bad financial plan.

It’s time to create peace of mind and financial wealth to support your dreams.

All the financial advisors and money experts out there make managing your finances sound difficult and confusing.

It’s not!

When it comes to looking after your money and budgeting, I’ve done it all. 

It’s not that the advice they teach in the books is wrong.

It’s just not personalised and as a result not practical for everyone.

 Working closely with a financial expert, who takes the time to listen to the challenges you’re facing and believes in your dreams

of financial freedom and security, can keep you accountable and motivated to reach your goals.


“I left our session feeling confident that I could meet all my financial goals.”

Esther helped me greatly in organising my finances and also gave me invaluable advice to help me begin my journey of staying debt-free and becoming financially independent.

I left our session feeling confident that I could meet all my financial goals whilst still being able to have money to do leisurely activities.”

Dionne, Graduate


Buying all the books and listening to the gurus
isn’t getting you out of debt.

That’s because off-the-shelf solutions cater for a mass market. 

They address the way money works and overcomplicated it to sound clever and convoluted to caress their own ego. 

That’s not my style.

I’m committed to your financial journey. 
Together we create a budgeting system that supports your lifestyle. 
I guide you through my proven process. You’ll see measurable results that move you closer to achieving your dreams of financial security and abundance.

You can have it all, just not all at once
– Oprah Winfrey

I’ve got news for you…The Joneses are broke.

I know because I was them! 

I spent years living what I thought was my best life. I had a secure job, was happily married (still am), and was spending money like it was going out of you know what. 

When I decided to go part-time and my husband was made redundant the fantasy life I was living turned into a nightmare.

We had no money! No savings. No emergency fund. No plan. No nothing.

I felt ashamed, scared, and alone.

Listen to Esther’s debt-free journey story episode

Because Your Future Self Is Worth The Investment

Without vision, the people perish
Proverbs 28:18


I believe passionately in self-improvement. 

With the little money I had, I invested in a programme that would change my relationship with money forever. 

I realised I wasn’t alone.

So many young, professional women were earning good money but had no little savings… 

An account with a few hundred pounds in that you dip into for “emergency shopping sprees” and “dinner out with the girls” doesn’t count!

I wanted to change that.

I became the Boss Of My Money and I wanted to encourage other women, like you, to do the same.


Today I empower ambitious women with the tools they need to get out of debt, get clear on their money goals, and start budgeting so they can achieve financial security and build generational wealth.

“Budgeting can be fun, not stressful.

Esther taught me and showed how budgeting can be fun and not stressful. Her system is the best one I’ve seen, and believe me when I say I tried too many. I highly recommend her services; she is one of the best! “

Liana, Entrepreneur and Mum

Let’s normalise how we talk about money. 

The mistakes you’ve made in the past don’t define you. 

They shape you into a more resilient person. You can win with money.


Getting Off On The Right Foot



Occasionally, we may call our bad behaviour but we cover it with kindness and love and show you how to get better


We’ve all made money mistakes. That’s what makes working 1:1 and my Accountability Group such a special community.


I value your time, energy and money. I don’t oversell and only offer the resources and services that I believe will support your goals. 


I appreciate that some of the information you share is private and confidential. As your financial advisor, I will not share your information. Exceptions apply, see Terms Of Work Agreement.

I protect the privacy and data of all my clients. For more information read my Privacy Policy


There’s no fluff or convoluted financial jargon. I use simple and easy to understand language and provide practical steps to improve your finances

“Whether you come from a council estate or a country estate, your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude,”
– Michelle Obama

I Want You To Be The Boss of Your Money.


You’re heading out to that fancy new restaurant – the one everyone’s been raving about. 

You pull up outside and the valet parks your car. 

You walk through the glass doors and you see your man sitting at the bar. 

He’s wearing the vintage Rolex watch you bought him for his birthday. 

He looks incredible. 

It’s date night and even though you do something together every week, you’re treating yourselves this evening. 

It’s your anniversary and you love to celebrate these magical moments in your life. 

You look and feel sensational as you approach the bar. 

Over the course of the night, you talk about your upcoming holiday to The Maldives and how nice it will be to travel first class so you can relax and unwind on the flight. 

As you hold each other’s hands across the table, talk turns to Saturday’s meeting with the contractors who are managing the renovation of your dream home in the countryside. 

You’re undecided about how to use that spare room on the second floor…  should be the home office or a playroom for the kids?

A wave of deep peace and contentment rushes over you as you sip rosé champagne and unwrap that sweet treat they give you at the end of the meal. 

You can’t believe this is your life. The life you dreamed of. 

The life you designed. 


The life you started building when you made that life-changing decision to become the boss of your money.

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