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Financial Wellness Checklist

Free Financial Wellness Checklist pdf

Many people are unable to afford their present lifestyle despite having a job or running a business that earns them a reasonable wage.

Too many people are forced to live paycheck to paycheck. 

You are living paycheck to paycheck if you…

…get paid and find within weeks or a few days to the next payday 

…are already stressed about paying bills, 

…are withdrawing from your savings, 

…are already in your overdraft, 

…are using your credit card, 

…are borrowing money between paydays or,

You might be struggling to save due to unhealthy money habits and feel stressed about managing your money. 

If this is you, 

The Free Financial Wellness Checklist is just what you need to ask yourself some tough but important money questions, identify where you are, and use the checklist to create a plan for yourself.